Every client’s story is different and unique.  Some have a tight-knit family structures, others do not.  Some come to see us when they are well, some when they are ill.  Some clients are concerned about nursing home MassHealth planning and others are focused on estate tax planning.  The attorneys at Oalican Law Group are skilled in meeting the very individualized needs of each and every client. Though the approach is always tailored to the specific needs of the client, our compassion and patience remains constant.

We find that the best way to truly convey what we do is through the stories of our clients.  Please feel free to click though our case studies below.

Protecting the Community Spouse and the Medicaid Application

The MassHealth Application

Updating Your Estate Plan

Creating a Trust for a Disabled Child

Going Through Probate



If you have any questions about our case studies or would like to have an attorney at Oalican Law Group evaluate your case, please contact us to schedule an appointment.