Skilled nursing home care is expensive.  Unfortunately, there are limited options available to help pay for the annual cost which could be as high as $150,000.  Medicare, the federal program, only provides up to 100 days of coverage.  Private insurances such as Blue Cross Blue Shield only cover the Medicare co-pays.  Long-term care insurance is an option for the few seniors who are insurable and can afford the annual premiums.

For most of our clients, the only viable option is applying for the MassHealth program.   This can be an extremely overwhelming and burdensome prospect, especially while caring for a loved who requires long-term nursing home care.  As with most government programs, the rules and regulations constantly change.  Lacking a strategy before applying or making critical mistakes when filing the application can unnecessarily expose a home to a Medicaid lien and risk the loss of one’s entire life savings.

The attorneys of Oalican Law Group are always up to date on the many challenges of MassHealth eligibility.  We analyze our clients’ unique situations, develop a comprehensive qualifying plan and guide families through the process while maximizing the protection of assets.  We organize the required verifications, complete and file the application, communicate with the MassHealth agency and keep the nursing home informed at every stage of the application process.  We see our applications all the way through to the approval notice, which sometimes means representing clients at a MassHealth appeal.  We strive to take the burden off of the family which allows them to focus on the more important task of caring for their loved one.

It is important to remember that options always exist to maximize the protection of one’s assets–even when nursing home placement is sudden and there is no asset protection plan already in place.  The challenge is finding the experts who truly know how to help.  Please contact an attorney at Oalican Law Group if your loved one is facing nursing home placement.

Please also feel free to review our publication, The Basic Rules of Nursing Home MassHealth Eligibility.