Plan ahead and get it right the first time.  This is our mantra when it comes to advanced planning cases.  Whether perfectly healthy or living with a challenging diagnosis, our advanced planning clients think ahead.  They have heard through a friend or neighbor that their house could be in jeopardy if they ever went to a nursing home.  They want to know how they can structure their assets to remain at home for as long as possible.  They strive to remain in control of their own decisions as they advance in age.  They wish to preserve a legacy for their children and grandchildren.

The attorneys at Oalican Law Group provide our advanced planning clients with the peace of mind that a qualified elder law attorney has put together an appropriate, personalized plan so that they remain well-informed and their assets well-protected.

Although individually tailored for each client, all of our asset protection plans address common themes of independence, protection and control, and are structured to include proper transfer of assets should that be appropriate or desired.  Oalican Law Group has the experience to find the right balance for each client.

Become an advanced planner today.  If you are 60 or older, now is the time to sit down with an elder law attorney to discuss your future.  Please feel free to contact an attorney at Oalican Law Group to learn more.